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10 Ways To Keep Holiday Stress At Bay

Our friends south of the border have celebrated Thanksgiving, Black Friday is in full swing and the snow is flying… this means one thing; Christmas is just around the corner!

The days seem to pick up speed as the calendar rounds toward the end of the year and there’s always so much to do! Keep calm in the face of the season’s frenetic pace with our 10 tips for curbing holiday stress.

Grab Groceries On The Go

Most stores offer curbside pickup and delivery, giving you the gift of more time. Get pantry staples with time to spare and save the freshest needs for last.

Confab With The Fam

Stave off hurt feelings by setting expectations early for visits with the extended family ahead of time.

Take Time Off

​​Don’t be a Scrooge when it comes to scheduling PTO! Look after yourself, this is a time to relax, not burn yourself out. 

Slow The Dinner Rush

Simplify the nightly meal – plan a weekly menu, up your takeout game, or try a meal kit delivery service to get you through the month.

Go Green With Greetings

Skip the snail mail and paper trail by sending season’s greetings via a digital card service.

Don’t Budge On The Budget

Steer clear of the siren call of sales by setting strict spending parameters. Your future self will thank you.

Settle In For Self-Reflection

As the year ends, take stock of what worked and what didn’t during the past 12 months. What did you learn this year and how did you grow? 

Ground Yourself In Gratitude 

Lighten your load with a quick rundown of your greatest gratitude hits. It’s easy to look back on how hard of a year it’s been for many but give your serotonin a boost and reflect on what worked out for you this year.

Embrace The ‘No’

The holiday season heralds a flurry of invitations. Say ‘no’ early and often to avoid being overbooked. We all want to be a people pleaser and especially at the ‘Happiest Time Of The Year’ but it’s OK to say no and take the time to focus on yourself. 

Do you have any stress relief tips for the holiday season? We would love to hear what works for you. 

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