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10 Ways You Can Cool Off In Your Backyard

We’re a few months into some glorious summer weather and it’s hard to keep coming up with ways to keep yourself and the kids cool. We’ve compiled 10 different ways that you can cool off in the backyard! Get ready to make some family memories this August! 

Tried-and-true for a reason, there’s no quicker way to beat the heat than switching on this summertime staple. Link up several to make an obstacle course.

Squirt Guns
Stash a cache of squirt guns around the yard to ensure surprise water attacks all summer long.

Water Balloons 
Sibling versus sibling? Kids versus parents? Friends versus friends (or foes!)? No matter the matchup in water balloon warfare, the end result is everyone gets soaked!

Above-Ground Pool
From kiddie pools to stock tanks to larger versions with filters, above ground pools create a backyard oasis with minimal commitment.

In-Ground Pool
Yearning for total privacy? Might be time to take the big dip of installing an in-ground pool.

Slip N Slide
Old school meets new cool. Stick with the original, or try revamped styles with fresh prints, inflatable walls and multiple racing lanes.

Massive Rental Slide
Transform your backyard into a waterpark for a day by splashing out on a giant inflatable water slide. (Call your local bounce house rental company.)

Baby Splash Pads
Let the littlest of littles cool down safely with a squishy pad that hooks up to a hose and releases a gentle spray of water to play in.

Backyard Dunk Tank
Take turns being the dunker and the dunked to ensure everyone gets a chance to get wet and get revenge.

Sprinkler Car Wash
Hook up sprinklers to create a DIY car wash for kids to suds up their bikes, trikes and toy cars – and maybe your own ride will get clean too.

Let us know how you’re keeping cool this summer!

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