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Today is a very happy day for us and we couldn’t be more excited to have you along for the ride! Eric Beutler, Adam Edge and Kelly Earle come together with decades of Experience and a fresh approach to the Real Estate Market. With deep routed connections in all of our communities, we couldn’t be happier to serve Midland, Barrie, Penetanguishene, Tiny, Tay and all the surrounding areas of Georgian Bay.

Our mission at is to empower our communities with information to help them make smart Real Estate decisions. Eric, Adam and Kelly are dedicated to helping homeowners, buyers, sellers, renters, commercial prospects and other agents find and share information about homes, real estate and our community.

Adam Edge, Kelly Earle and Eric Beutler
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3 Tips For The Ultimate Virtual Meeting

2020 will go down as the year virtual meetings take center stage. As concerns over COVID-19 continue, we are all reevaluating how to conduct business in a virtual world.

Executed well, virtual meetings can enable us all to collaborate, solve problems, and get work done as a normal. Inefficient meetings, however, become a waste of time and nobody wants that!

If you’re looking to sell your home during this time of social distancing, with the need to discuss many topics with local service providers, then you’re going to become a pro at virtual meetings! Here’s 3 tips we’ve compiled to set you on your way.

  1. Have A Plan
    Just like any regular meeting, you’re going to need to approach the meeting with a plan. Make sure you’re prepared to be on time, have relevant documents on hand, something to take notes and a list of questions to ask your agent.
  2. Test Your Environment
    When it comes to virtual meetings, there can be many hurdles, especially if you’re not used to conducting yourself in this manner. Make sure that you check your device is ready to host a meeting – is it charged or plugged in to a power source? Do you have a stable internet connection? Do you have the right software on your device or need an access code? Finally, remember to test the physical environment for your meeting. You need to have a well lit area, but don’t put direct sunlight behind you. You’ll also want to make sure that there isn’t obtrusive ambient noise.
  3. Meet Face to Face
    Ensure that every member at the virtual meeting can see one another. 55% of communication is body language, while another 38% is tone of voice, according to research. Meeting face-to-face on video is much more personal than meeting with a disembodied voice on the phone, and it helps build more of a rapport with your agent too. It also allows participants to pick up on body language and cues, such as when someone has finished speaking or if they are just taking a pause.
3 Easy Steps to Success

These are 3 easy steps to set you on your way to having a great virtual meeting. We can’t wait to see you…. virtually, soon! Get in touch to arrange your virtual meeting with Eric, Adam or Kelly.

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Selling Your Home During Covid-19

Recently, Real Estate was deemed an essential service by the government… Shelter is a necessity for people. Many sellers have decided to wait until this pandemic has died down. However, we know that often, selling a home is something that can not be delayed; whether it is because you have already purchased another home, a job transfer, changes in the family or some other reason.

“However, we know that often, selling a home is something that can not be delayed”

If you need to sell your home during covid-19, Eric, Adam and Kelly at are here for you. We are doing things digitally and remotely as much as possible. Our professional photos, and video tours will keep in-person showings to a minimum, (to only serious pre-approved buyers). REALTORS® who show homes now are following protocols mandated by the Southern Georgian Bay Real Estate Association.

We’re doing things a little differently right now…

If you would like to WAIT to list your house we can help you with that too. We are happy to do pre-listing consultations, and let you know the steps you should take when you are considering selling.

Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you to arrange a virtual meeting.

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