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10 Ways To Stay Motivated

We’ve all seen it happen, January comes and you are meticulous about acquiring new habits and pursue them with an optimistic outlook – the thought of a fresh start. However, by the time March break has arrived, you’re tired, jaded and back in the same routine! 

As Spring is in the air, it’s important to not lose sight of your goals for the year. Whether it’s a Real Estate goal, a professional goal or even a personal goal. Take a look at our 10 tips to stay Motivated for the rest of the year. 

Identify your big why

When the going gets tough, what is the one thing that will help you push through and visualise yourself at the end of the obstacle course? Maybe you’re sitting on the deck of that new cottage this summer?

Seek Accountability

Whether it’s a fitness, career, real estate or financial goal, buddy up with someone with a similar goal, or someone who inspires you to move forward. If your means allow, coaching may be a great option. Stick together so that you can lift each other up when you’re struggling and celebrate your successes together. 

Set SMART goals

That’s specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time based. Having clear and direct goals in every area of your life will breathe fresh motivation into your journey.

Stay creative and inspire

Get motivated by inspiring others! Become a regular on online forums, or start a social media page focused on the goal that’s nearest and dearest to your heart, or even on mindset as a whole.

Put progress on paper

Go old school with a note-book tracking your progress, or use an app to see how far you’ve come and stay inspired to keep going. 

Plan it out

Create a detailed plan for the aspects of your life you are trying to elevate. If it is a routine, make three versions, to account for various levels of busyness and energy.

Build Up

Instead of going full speed ahead and burning out, start small and work your way up to the next big milestone. 


Train your mind in the art of resilience, and you’ll have an easier time sticking to your goals. 

Embrace the failure

You’re bound to hit a roadblock or two along the way. The difference between giving up and moving forward is whether you let that derail your plans or shake it off.

Shift your perception

Identify your limiting beliefs, or opinions that you might believe to be absolute truths, and challenge yourself to acknowledge alternative truths you may be ignoring.

What have been your goals this year so far? Are you staying motivated and on track? Let us know!

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Top Interior Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

It’s been two years since the pandemic started, and many of us are still working remotely from our homes, whether it’s out of our makeshift office in the kitchen, living room, or whatever space is conducive to productivity. As we continue to navigate forward this year, be sure to carve some time out of your busy schedule to find ways to enhance and elevate your home. Lucky for you, we curated a list of the hottest interior design trends that will not only give your space a much-needed makeover but also restore a sense of hope and optimism about what lies ahead in 2022.

Remember: There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to embellishing your space, so use the following trends as inspiration, not prescription. If you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, speak with your For Sale On Georgian Bay agent to find out how you can leverage these trends to appeal to home buyers.

50 Shades Of Green

Green represents new beginnings and growth, so there’s no better colour to herald the upcoming spring season. To create an uplifting and revitalising environment, you could use a pop of jewel-toned greens. Whether it’s adding a plush velvet green couch to your living room or adorning your dining room with a jade vase, your options to bring nature indoors through furniture and decorative pieces have never been easier. Before you know it, your home will become the ultimate destination for relaxation and restoration among friends and family.

Old-School Charm

What’s old is new and what’s new is old. Antiques and vintage items pay homage to the past and add extra personality and eclectic style to your home. They also preserve the memories of those who once had the great fortune of owning beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces to embellish their space. To add some retro charm to your home, bring out your grandmother’s antique floral porcelain vase and place it in the centre of your dining table. Or add some brilliance to your living room with an art-deco table lamp. No matter what era you’re partial to, there’s a piece of furniture or accessory that will help you create an entirely new look.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Whereas straight lines and sharp edges lend a sleek, modern feel, rounded shapes add softness to an interior space, giving it a warm ambiance. Going beyond circles, rounded shapes also include egg shapes, ovals, arches, and more. If your space looks too much like a geometry worksheet, try breaking up the harsh edges by adding a curved swivel chair or coffee table in your living room. Or add some oomph in your hallway with a beautiful, oval-shaped mirror to reflect a sense of freshness and relaxation that can’t be seen with a traditional square or rectangle mirror.

Bright And Colourful Kitchens

Last year, neutral palettes reigned supreme in the realm of home decor. While this trend will remain popular for the foreseeable future, it’s time to break out of the tried-and-true colour scheme and embrace bold, vibrant colours. Liven up your kitchen with a splash of colour; whether it’s painting your walls a beautiful, seafoam green or experimenting with geometric prints and patterns, add some joie de vivre to the space. After all, your kitchen should inspire you to experiment with different recipes and come up with culinary masterpieces that rival those of your favourite Michelin star chef.

Little Black Accents

There’s nothing quite like black accents to add a touch of sophistication and beautiful contrast to your home. This is especially true if your home is alight with natural wood tones or other organic materials. The same sentiment can be extended if you prefer a more minimalist space. Look around your house to see where you can incorporate some edge. Could your white sofa use a small, black side table to accentuate your living room’s best features? Or perhaps you can add a couple of black throw pillows to make your sofa the room’s centrepiece. No matter how you want to incorporate this timeless colour into your home, know that a little goes a long way.

Illuminate With Style

Equal parts function and fashion, statement lamps are making a comeback this year and they’re poised for a bright future. Coming in all shapes, sizes, and colours, decorative lamps can put a spotlight on different areas of your home (especially rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light). On the quest for a stunning architectural piece? Try perching a sculptural-metal table lamp on your coffee table. If you’re looking for something more subtle yet still striking, a Grecian-bust table lamp on your nightstand might just be the inspiration you need to fulfil your New Year’s resolution to read 30 pages of a novel every night before bedtime.

Tell us what’s worked in your home, we’d love to know! 

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Bank Of Canada Raises Interest Rates To 0.5%

The hikes are here; Bank Of Canada raises target rate to 0.5%, but what does that mean? We break down the info and what it means for homeowners, buyers and sellers.

For about two years, the interest rates in Canada have been at all-time low levels as the Bank of Canada attempted to help the economy weather the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though low rates were enjoyed by many, it has been widely understood that they would not be here to stay. Now, amid the highest inflation rates in three decades, the Bank of Canada has finally increased its key interest rate to 0.5% with more hikes expected to come this year.

Previously, the key rate had been held at just 0.25% since the pandemic first broke out in early 2020. This current hike now marks the first increase in interest rates since 2018. Forecasts have predicted that interest rates will continue to increase by a few percentage points through to the end of this year.

Beyond inflation, interest rate increases can have a large effect on the housing market. The Bank of Canada interest rate is a major influence on how banks set their prime rates, which in turn, impact the cost of borrowing and will lead to a growth in variable mortgage interest rates.

Many have already chosen to lock in their variable-rate mortgages with hopes to avoid rising payments as rates go up.

How will the Real Estate Market react?
There are also hopes that rising interest rates can help cool off the incredibly hot real estate markets seen across the country. With rates so low, many were able to afford to borrow much more which had some influence on the rising prices seen in the last two years. With increased interest rates, people will be able to borrow less and some will not be able to afford mortgages at all. The combined effect is fewer buyers in the market with less money to spend. 

Buyers And Sellers
However, if you are looking to buy this year, don’t get your hopes up for significantly decreased home prices. As mentioned before, the effects of gradual rate increases will take a while to be truly felt and there are many other factors driving the real estate market beyond just low-interest rates – particularly lack of available inventory.

If you’re looking to buy right now, although rates have gone up, with more hikes on the horizon, right now it’s still possible to save on future increases and maximize your buying power.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, it’s still a great time to list. We think a more important factor on the market than rate hikes is the record lows of inventory. There just isn’t enough inventory for the amount of buyers looking in our communities.

Do you have concerns or questions about what this means for you and your real estate goals? Let us know, we’re here help and will be with you every step of the way.

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February 2022 Market Reports For Our Communities

Now that March has arrived and Spring is just around the corner, it’s time to look back at what happened in February and see where our local market is at. In February, we saw active listings are down 6% compared to 2021. Inventory is still incredibly low – down more than 73% compared to pre pandemic numbers. With less options on the market, we continue to see house prices rise as the new average house price has broken the $1Million mark – up around 36%

Across our communities, we saw these trends continue, however we are starting to see more listings come to market. Tiny’s average price rose 25% compared to last year whilst Tay and Tiny’s average price edged close the $1m mark. With low competition, it’s still a great time to take advantage of the market and achieve maximum price for your property.

Trust your local experts to guide you through the process and take advantage of the current market. Ask us about our FREE Home Market Analysis to determine exactly how much your Home is worth in today’s Market.

All data correct as of March 2nd, 2022, data gathered by the Ontario Collective based on February 2021 vs February 2022.