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3 Backyard Features That Are On Every Homebuyer’s Checklist

We all want that ‘backyard oasis’ and extending our living spaces outside is more popular than ever! The backyard is one of the most multifunctional spaces in a property. Are you looking for a pool or hot tub? An Entertaining space? Somewhere that the kids can let loose? Or maybe even an outside work space? Whatever setup you have to work with, here are 3 features that top every buyer’s checklist. 

A relaxing environment

Over the last 18 months our backyards have had to double up as a space to enjoy a staycation. Backyards come in all shapes and sizes but no matter what you’re dealing with there are many options to bring relaxation to your space. We would all love a resort style backyard setting with a pool and cabana chairs but if you’re dealing with a smaller space try introducing different seating options, hammocks, simple wooden benches, nature nooks or a classic Muskoka chair. Add in a fire pit or a small decking area and you can create instant ambiance. 

An abundance of light

Nobody wants a dark backyard! Plants and people alike want to soak up the sun when they can. Make sure you keep trees and bushes under control to maximize your sunlight at all times of the year. At night you can add lighting in all manner of styles. From LED rope lighting to solar lanterns there’s all types of lightning to create that perfect mood. If you’re really looking to step up your lighting game, take a look at smart lighting. Choose from a spectrum of colours and sync to your playlist to really impress at your next pool party. 

Nobody likes a Nosey Neighbour

Privacy. It comes in many different levels and everyone has their own comfort level for what they want, but, we all want it on some level. Whether it’s well placed trees or a full fence. There are many ways to increase your privacy. Some great options are movable elements that can block off areas when you want such as awnings, lattice screens or umbrellas. You’re not able to change the location of your home or your neighbours sight lines but you can adapt your space to create a private space that suits all needs. 

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