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5 Tips For Opening Up Your Cottage

The May long weekend brings the most popular time in our communities to open up the cottage for the first time in the season. But, before you dust off the Muskoka chairs, prep the fire pit and roll out the welcome mat, there’s lots of chores to check off your list to be summer ready!

The good news is that if you plan it right, you wont be spending the whole long weekend getting it ready. Here’s 5 tips to help you get Cottage season off to a great start. 

Check For Critters

What should you do when you first arrive at your cottage? We recommend taking a walk around the exterior and checking for torn window screens, holes in the roof or siding, or other potential entry points. If you notice signs of an animal intruder, use caution when you first step through the door.

Though mice and squirrels are rarely a threat, the waste they leave behind can be hazardous to your health. You may want to contact a pest control expert if your cottage hosted critters over the winter months.

Let In Some Air

Once you know it is safe to enter, open all the windows in your cottage to let it breathe. This tip will help to vent out the stale air and helps to dry out anything that got damp over the winter. If your cottage still smells musty after you have aired it out, your cottage may have mould or mildew caused by water damage. Consider getting an indoor air quality test.

Inspect Your Utilities

You may be eager to start up your water pump and switch on the lights, but you should do a safety check first. Check for chewed-up cords and inspect your water system before you flip the switch.

If you use a shallow well for your water, you should have the well cleaned and the water analysed at least twice a year. Do not turn on the tap until you know the water is safe to drink.

Clean Up

Roll up your sleeves and disinfect your counters, dishes, stovetop, and any other exposed surface. Even spots that do not look dirty can host harmful bacteria, especially if you have a pest problem.

Safety First

Inspect your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, replacing the batteries if needed. You should also make sure your fire extinguisher is properly charged.

There’s always so much to do but these are some great tips to get you started. Throughout the weekend, write down all the other tasks you need to do and the supplies you need to buy at the store. Making a list will save you from having to run back and forth to the store. After all, you want to finish these tasks as quickly as you can so that you can start to enjoy the cottage season. 

It’s time to unpack and settle in for another relaxing summer on beautiful Georgian Bay!

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