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Brian Huma

Sales Representative
Cell Phone, Text Or Call
705 209 9500
Office Number
705 209 3095
Brokerage Office
705 720 2200

Meet Brian

Born and raised in the picturesque town of Penetanguishene, Brian remains deeply rooted, living minutes from the serene Georgian Bay. Memories of biking around town with friends, blend seamlessly with present-day moments of enjoying nature walks, podcast in ear, through the local parks.

The charm of Simcoe County has always held a special place in Brian’s heart, and today, his mission is to share this love with others. Whether you’re discovering the beauty of the area for the first time or reconnecting with cherished memories, Brian has a unique talent for resonating with every client’s individual relationship to the place.

From a young age, Brian was drawn to the world of property investment. Curiosity led to questions, and family wisdom fostered a growing passion. Today, Brian brings this keen interest to every interaction, guiding clients through the myriad possibilities of the property world, be it for a home, an investment, or a cherished vacation spot.

A true sports enthusiast, you might spot Brian jogging through town on a morning run or cycling the streets on a sunny afternoon. And when the conversation drifts to hockey, golf, or MMA, Brian is right there, sharing insights and stories.

Always on the move and seeking personal growth, Brian carries a dedication to clients, ready with advice, a keen ear, or just a laugh, Brian’s goal is to ensure every client feels understood, respected, and right at home.

In the future, Brian aspires to delve deeper into property investment, broaden his sports prowess, engage in community events and continue championing the magic that is Simcoe County.

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