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An Update From Georgie

Back in the Summer, the Midland and District OSPCA gave us the chance to name an animal in their care and we picked the name “Georgie”, a nod towards Georgian Bay and a symbol of what connects all of our communities. 

We couldn’t be more proud to learn that our name was given to this brave, strong little guy with a story of resilience that inspires us all. After facing multiple surgeries, an amputation and a difficult start to life, Georgie was adopted and was given a fresh start at having an amazing life!

The OSPCA recently sat down with Georgie’s Mom to discuss what it means to adopt a cat like Georgie, his bond with other pets and his rambunctious personality!

What was it about Georgie that made you want to adopt him? 
Georgie was brought into my friends work, tiny and injured. I had been hoping to adopt a cat for a while – originally intending on adopting an older cat but when my friend sent a picture of him, so small and fuzzy but so hurt, my heart just melted and I wanted to keep him safe. You could tell how sweet he was because even though he must have been in so much pain, he was still gently licking her coworkers hand. 

• How is Georgie doing now, after his leg amputation? 
Georgie is doing really, really well. He has lots of energy, absolutely loves toys (or anything he can get his paws on), people-watching from our front window and cuddling with his 90lb bernese mountain dog sister, Bellatrix. He is incredibly fast when he gets the zoomies and loves to climb on whatever he can. I’m not sure he even remembers his other leg – and not having it certainly doesn’t keep him out of trouble. 

• Can you describe Georgie’s personality? 
Georgie is rambunctious, adorable, hilarious and an absolute sweetheart. He makes me laugh out loud several times a day just from being so silly. And when he runs out of energy, his cuddles are the best. You can find him nestled up to me or Bella in a tiny little ball or sprawled out completely. There’s often no in-between 

• What is it like to have Georgie in your home and part of your family?
Having Georgie here just feels like home. I’ve always loved cats and they were always part of the family so it feels right. He adds liveliness, humor and happiness and I’m so grateful for the little guy. He’s almost always at the front door to say hello when I return and always says goodbye on my way out. And his relationship with my 2 year old dog has been so heartwarming to watch – and hilarious. Cats really do seem to rule the house. 

• Why do you think it’s important for the community to help animals in need, like Georgie?
Helping those who are vulnerable, frightened or hurt is always the right thing to do. It’s no different with animals. They have feelings, experience pain and provide the world with so much love and warmth. They deserve our love and warmth in return.

I’m so grateful for the woman who found him, those who transported him to the Midland SPCA, those who donated to the SPCA to help cover his extensive medical costs, those who cared for him and made sure he’d make a great recovery and of course my friend for sending me his picture. I’ve only had him for few months but I couldn’t imagine life without him now.

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