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Barrie Market Report For February 2024

The February market statistics are a testament to Simcoe County’s vibrant real estate sector. The significant sales increase, coupled with a steady rise in average prices, reflects the robust demand and confidence in our market. The growth in new listings is particularly promising, ensuring a balanced market conducive to both buyers and sellers

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Stats are correct as of March 29th. Based on February 2023 v February 2024

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Springing Into Action: Your Guide To Easter Real Estate Opportunities

As the Easter season rolls around, it brings not only the promise of warmer weather and blooming flowers but also exciting opportunities in the real estate market. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or investor, Easter marks a time of renewal and growth, making it an ideal moment to explore the possibilities in the housing market. Here’s a look at why Easter can be the perfect time to make your real estate dreams come true:

Symbolism of Renewal

Easter is often associated with renewal and rebirth, symbolized by the arrival of spring. Similarly, it’s an excellent time for homeowners to consider selling their properties, as the market sees increased activity and a fresh influx of buyers. The symbolism of Easter can inspire both sellers and buyers to embark on new beginnings in the world of real estate.

Spring Fever

With the arrival of warmer weather, people are more inclined to get out and explore their housing options. The Easter holiday provides an extended weekend for potential buyers to attend open houses, schedule viewings, and make important decisions about their housing needs. For sellers, this uptick in activity translates to greater exposure and a higher likelihood of receiving competitive offers.

Family-Friendly Appeal

Easter is a time when families come together to celebrate, often leading them to consider the prospect of a new home where they can create lasting memories. Properties with spacious yards, ample living space, and proximity to family-friendly amenities such as parks and schools may hold particular appeal during this time. Sellers can highlight these features to attract family-oriented buyers.

Investment Opportunities

Real estate investors can also capitalize on the Easter season by identifying emerging trends and areas of growth. Whether it’s purchasing properties to flip or adding to a rental portfolio, the increased activity in the market presents numerous opportunities for savvy investors to make strategic moves and maximize their returns.

Staging for Success

Easter-themed decor can enhance the appeal of a property and create an inviting atmosphere for potential buyers. Simple touches such as fresh flowers, pastel-coloured accents, and tasteful Easter decorations can help stage a home effectively during this time. Sellers should aim to create a welcoming ambiance that resonates with the spirit of the season.

Community Events and Activities

Many communities host Easter-themed events and activities that bring residents together and showcase the local area. Participating in these events can provide valuable insights into the neighbourhood dynamics and lifestyle, making it easier for buyers to envision themselves living in the area. Sellers can also leverage community ties to attract potential buyers and create a sense of belonging.

Easter offers a prime opportunity for individuals to engage with the real estate market and pursue their housing aspirations. Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, the symbolism and spirit of renewal associated with Easter can serve as a catalyst for positive change in your real estate journey. By seizing the momentum of the season and leveraging the unique opportunities it presents, you can spring into action and achieve your real estate goals with confidence. Happy Easter and happy house hunting from your friends at For Sale On Georgian Bay!

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February 2024 Market Report For Our Communities

As we enjoyed an unseasonably warm February, it seems that market is hotting up too in preparation of the Spring Market!

February was a strong month for the market in our communities. Across the region we saw increases in Sales Activity, New Listings, Active Listings, and a shortened Days On Market when compared to last year. Sales Prices seem to be consistent with last year too signalling a month that Buyers and Sellers would have been happy with.

Entering the Spring Market, we are seeing lots of optimism with plenty of active listings available to buyers whilst interest rates being held signals good news for sellers hoping to maintain healthy sale prices.

Trust your local experts to guide you through the process and take advantage of the current market. Ask us about our FREE Home Market Analysis to determine exactly how much your Home is worth in today’s Market.

All data correct as of March 13th, 2024, data gathered by the Ontario Collective based on February 2023 vs February 2024.

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Barrie Market Report For January 2024

The January statistics reflect a vibrant and growing market in Simcoe County. With the rise in sales and listings, along with stable prices, we’re observing a market that is adjusting well and poised for continued growth. The significant increase in new listings from last month is particularly encouraging, as it contributes to a balanced and healthy real estate environment 

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Stats are correct as of February 22nd. Based on January 2023 v January 2024

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Spring Into Action

As winter melts away and flowers begin to bloom, the real estate market also starts to come alive with the arrival of spring. For both buyers and sellers, this season offers a plethora of opportunities and challenges. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or purchase your dream property, proper preparation is key to navigating the bustling spring market successfully.

Start Early

Spring is a popular time for buying and selling homes, so it’s crucial to start your preparations early. If you’re selling, begin by decluttering and de-personalizing your home to make it more appealing to potential buyers. For buyers, start considering what you’re looking for, communities, neighbourhoods etc. so that your For Sale On Georgian Bay agent can get a feel for what’s available in your desired area.

Getting Your Finances In Order

Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s essential to have your finances in order before diving into the spring market. If you’re selling, gather all necessary documents related to your property, such as mortgage paperwork, property tax records, and any recent renovations or upgrades. For buyers, get pre-approved for a mortgage so that you know your buying power and streamline the buying process.

Work With A Knowledgeable Agent

A knowledgeable real estate agent can be your greatest asset in navigating the spring market. Look for an agent with experience in your desired area who can provide valuable insights and guidance throughout the buying or selling process. All of our For Sale On Georgian Bay agents will help you set realistic expectations, negotiate effectively, and ultimately achieve your real estate goals.

Stay Flexible

The spring real estate market can be fast-paced and competitive, so it’s essential to stay flexible and open-minded. Be prepared to act quickly when you find a property you love, whether you’re making an offer or scheduling a showing. Similarly, sellers should be flexible with their pricing and terms to attract potential buyers in a crowded market.

Highlighting Springtime Appeal

Take advantage of the season by highlighting your property’s springtime appeal. For sellers, enhance your curb appeal with fresh landscaping, colourful flowers, and outdoor staging to create a welcoming first impression. For buyers, envision how the property will look and feel during the spring months, and consider factors such as natural light, outdoor living spaces, and nearby amenities.

Be Prepared For Competition

In the spring real estate market, competition can be fierce, so it’s essential to be prepared to compete with other buyers and sellers. For buyers, consider making a strong offer with favourable terms to stand out from the crowd. For sellers, price your home competitively and be prepared to negotiate with multiple offers to secure the best possible deal. Your For Sale On Georgian Bay agent will be with you every step of the way through these processes.

Stay Informed

Finally, stay informed about market trends, interest rates, and local regulations that may impact the spring real estate market. Monitor listings regularly, attend local real estate events, and stay in touch with your For Sale On Georgian Bay agent for the latest updates and insights.

By following these tips and staying proactive, you can make the most of the spring real estate market whether you’re buying, selling, or simply exploring your options. With careful preparation and the right mindset, you can turn this vibrant season into a successful real estate venture.

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January 2024 Market Report For Our Communities

As we look at the first stats coming in for 2024 we see a mixed bag across the region. A low sales total in general for the region seems to have skewed stats.

The mixed bags of stats continued into our featured communities with Midland seeing a huge 38% increase in sales prices (12 Sales) whilst Tiny saw a 34% decrease in sales prices (6 Sales). Across our communities and the region at large, we did see a big rise of 27% in active listings compared to 2023 whilst it’s actually a rise of 430% compared to 2022. This signals that the much anticipated Spring Market is on the horizon and perhaps is a reflection of the unseasonably warm weather we have not scaring off winter sellers.

Entering the Spring Market, we are seeing lots of optimism with plenty of active listings available to buyers whilst interest rates being held signals good news for sellers hoping to maintain healthy sale prices.

Trust your local experts to guide you through the process and take advantage of the current market. Ask us about our FREE Home Market Analysis to determine exactly how much your Home is worth in today’s Market.

All data correct as of February 13th, 2024, data gathered by the Ontario Collective based on January 2023 vs January 2024.

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Barrie Market Report For December 2023

Barrie area saw a large boost in new listings hitting the market in December, with 485 new homes hitting the market, a 31% increase from December 2022. Sales were up in December, with 314 homes sold last month. The year-over-year stats for Active Listings are showing a spike of 15%. Prices in the Barrie area have remained steady compared to last year. The average sale price in Barrie was $777,328, where sellers saw a small dip of 4%.  

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Stats are correct as of January 25th. Based on December 2022 v December 2023

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December 2023 Market Report For Our Communities

As we look forward into 2024, we look back into December to see how the Market ended the year in our communities. Across the region average prices were marginally down however in our local communities we saw large increases.

There was a large 23% decrease in Sales Prices throughout Tiny Township, however with only 9 Sales recorded, it’s easy for the numbers to get skewed. However, throughout Midland, Penetang and Tay Township we saw increases, most notably in Midland with a 22.5% increase. There are lots of opportunities for buyers heading into the new year with an 23% increase in active listings across the region. Sellers are still in a strong position to seeing price increases along with motivated winter buyers.

Trust your local experts to guide you through the process and take advantage of the current market. Ask us about our FREE Home Market Analysis to determine exactly how much your Home is worth in today’s Market.

All data correct as of January 16th, 2024, data gathered by the Ontario Collective based on December 2022 vs December 2023.

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Vote For FSOGB!

Every year we are humbled to be nominated by our Community for award consideration. Your belief in us to guide you through some of the biggest transactions of your lives is our fuel.

We are so excited to once again see our very own Michael Seguin become a finalist for “Best Real Estate Broker” joined by last year’s Winner, Victoria Badger as a finalist again in the “Best Real Estate Agent” Category.

Our Team’s hard work and dedication is once again reflected in being finalists for “Best Real Estate Office” and “Best Real Estate Marketing” – categories we were victorious in last year. It’s also with pride that we announce that our Brokerage, Keller Williams Experience Realty is nominated for “Best Real Estate Brokerage”.

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A Guide To 2024’s Colours Of The Year

The new year is here, and we want you to be prepared with the knowledge of every single colour of the Year for 2024! Every year, paint, and colour brands alike do heavy research—looking at colour trends, sending out surveys, and tapping their own tastemakers—to forecast a colour that’ll embody the upcoming year’s essence. These picks will influence everything from home design to fashion. Not to mention, they’re an excuse to give your life a little colour-themed refresh. 

Last year, the colours leaned toward warm hues that promoted creativity. This year, they’re all about comfort, versatility, and a continued connection to nature—from a grounding soft black, to an uplifting sky blue, to a muted olive green. Since there are so many options to choose from, making it hard to keep track, we’ve laid out our favourite 5 picks of the Year for 2024 so far. Whether you’ve embraced these colours already, or are still determining which ones you want to try out on your walls or in your wardrobe, this handy cheat sheet means you can evaluate the hues for the upcoming year all in one place. Happy New Year, indeed!

  1. Benjamin Moore colour of the Year: Blue Nova

Inspired by exploration, Benjamin Moore named Blue Nova (825) as its colour of the Year for 2024. The cosmic, blue-violet blend encourages adventure, beckoning everyone to indulge in new experiences. The paint brand teamed up with aerospace company Blue Origin to announce the colour and work to inspire future generations to pursue STEM education and careers in the space industry.

When deciding how to use Blue Nova in your home, the options are endless. The paint brand recommends juxtaposing the grounding blue with dynamic, contrasting colours like orange to create an ethereal atmosphere. You can also use it to create a statement-making painted ceiling or cover every wall of a powder room.

  1. Behr colour of the Year: Cracked Pepper

Behr’s colour of the Year for 2024 is Cracked Pepper (PPU18-01), a soft black that can ground any space while remaining timeless. The colour is an approachable segue into the paint dark side as it melds into practically any design style. 

Just like the seasoning it’s named after, Cracked Pepper is a staple. Cracked Pepper makes an excellent paint choice for interiors and exteriors. 

  1. Glidden colour of the Year: Limitless

Glidden paint by PPG named Limitless (PPG1091-3) as its 2024 colour of the Year. The honey beige hue is “anything but yellow,” according to the brand, because it has the stamina of a primary colour but the versatility of a neutral. 

Glidden colour experts recommend using Limitless “anywhere and everywhere.” Whether you cover your kitchen cabinets or paint your ceiling with the warm neutral, you can’t go wrong.

  1. C2 Paint colour of the Year: Thermal

A refreshing blue called Thermal (#752) encourages an uplifting and energizing year ahead as C2 Paint’s 2024 colour of the Year. Reminiscent of the sky on a clear day, the colour can bring a calming feel to any space. “This bespoke pale yet punchy blue is poised for adventure and brimming with hope, evoking feelings of loyalty, trust, and confidence,” Philippa Radon, interior designer and C2 Paint colour specialist, said in a press release. 

Radon added the colour is a “call to action, energizing us to live boldly, to express our unique styles freely, and to acknowledge our responsibilities as stewards of our planet.”

  1. HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams colour of the Year: Persimmon

Anyone who gravitates toward warm, lively hues will adore HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams’ 2024 colour of the Year: Persimmon (HGSW6339). “Persimmon balances the energy of tangerine with grounded neutral undertones, making it perfect for spaces like living rooms and kitchens as it promotes positive relationships and conversation,” Ashley Banbury, HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams colour marketing manager, said in a press release.

The earthy terracotta shade is grounding and comforting yet uplifting and refreshing. Exclusively available at Lowe’s, the colour is part of the brand’s Collection of the Year called Renewed Comfort. It’s comprised of 10 shades—a mix of neutrals and bright colours—in addition to Persimmon. 

Whether you’re thinking about refreshing your home before listing, making your new property your own or just updating a tired space, let us know what colours you’re using – is it one of the colours of the year? Remember to ask your For Sale On Georgian Bay Agent for tips on how to get your property ready for sale, they’ll be with you every step of the way.