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Market Report For Barrie And Simcoe County – September

A look back at September 2020 compared to August 2020 and why it’s a great time to list your Property for Sale.

The housing market in Barrie has continued to rebound during Covid-19 as Barrie saw consistency for both the number of properties sold in September and the Sale Price too. Barrie saw a rise of 3.8% during September 2020 as 329 properties were sold. A small increase on the sale prices too at 0.07% with the average sale coming in $567,916 compared to $567,469 of August.

Simcoe County (Excluding Barrie) saw a small raise for sales prices at $656,752 – that’s a 0.96% increase compared to August. 

Large numbers of properties were sold across Simcoe, with just over 700 homes being sold. Despite the large volume of homes sold, we did see 10.91% decrease compared to the 788 homes sold in August. 

All this points to it being a great time to sell you home, there are clearly motivated buyers out there, home prices are trending upwards and there’s been a small drop in inventory so you’ll face less competition on the market.  

Trust your local experts to guide you through the process and take advantage of the current market. Ask us about our FREE Home Market Analysis to determine exactly how much your Home is worth in today’s Market.

All data correct as of October 9, 2020. Data gathered by BDAR based on August 2020 vs September 2020.

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