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Midland Castle, An Enchanted History

This week For Sale On Georgian Bay has been at the centre of the noteworthy sale of the Midland Castle Village and Enchanted Kingdom. Our very own Shelby Greenlaw listed the property for sale whilst Eric Beutler was able to bring a buyer to the table and complete the sale.

Now we join the community in waiting to see what becomes of the local landmark property! In the meantime, join us as we look back at the history of an iconic location where local residents and tourists alike have made lasting memories.

Mr. Paul Des Roches built a single castle in 1972 with the intention of selling his handmade crafts and woodworking. He was highly successful in this endeavor, producing items such as birdhouses, candlesticks, and souvenir spoons, and the castle became a gift shop offering nearly 10,000 items. The castle was designed with thirty towers, a water spewing dragon, and a moat guarded by creatures of the underworld. 

In the castle’s basement, a showroom was added to house early Canadian and American furniture, which was later converted into the Museum of Medieval Arms, Armour and Heraldry, where visitors could learn about medieval weaponry and see life-sized suits of armor. A separate museum, the Museum of Horror, Dracula’s Dungeons, was added in 1982, featuring early era prisons with well-known horror characters in the cells.

The 7 acre property was expanded to 45 acres with new additions designed by Paul and his daughter, including an Enchanted Kingdom Park with fantasy cottages based on fairytales, a Grist Mill, Merlin the Magician’s Tower, and an 80-foot suspension bridge across a pond with a giant fountain. 

The castle operated as a bilingual attraction and won the Provincial Tourism Award from RDEE in 2005. However, the family eventually put the property up for sale in 2008.

Sadly, Paul Des Roches, the visionary behind the castle, passed away in December of 2022. In April 2023, the property was purchased again and the community awaits to see what will happen next to a beloved landmark.

What memories do you have of the castle? We would love to see any photos or hear your stories!

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